The objective of the MI Spec for BC is to support the implementation of mechanical insulation best practices on heating and cooling systems in BC, by providing a resource to a wide range of stakeholders — from building and facility owners to mechanical insulation installers — helping to work towards the ultimate goal of having every section of pipe and duct in the Province of BC insulated correctly.

This Guide will help stakeholders to:

  • Make timely and effective decisions about mechanical insulation needs in new buildings and what upgrades may be required to improve mechanical insulation in existing buildings,
  • Understand the importance and business case for mechanical insulation, and
  • Understand the key elements required to achieve successful implementation of mechanical insulation in projects.

This guide is intended to complement, rather than duplicate, existing standards, codes and guides. It is aimed at a broader audience than most existing detailed standards, which includes:

  • Developers, building owners, project managers
  • Architects
  • Local government staff
  • Engineers
  • MI designers
  • MI contractors and installers.

Visit mispec.org to find out more