A New Standard

BC’s mechanical insulators are campaigning to develop improved standards and best practices.

And we’re providing information, and supporting education and training in government and industry.

Building owners, developers, architects, engineers, politicians and senior staff at all levels of government, and members of the public, should be part of the discussion.

Here’s what needs to be done.

At the senior government level:

  • Update national and provincial building codes and city building bylaws to include specific and up-to-date requirements on mechanical insulation
  • Require that work be inspected by registered professionals.

At the local government level:

  • Create or update development permit checklists in planning and building approval departments
  • Take steps to meet standards in municipal buildings and retrofits
  • Require builders to hire qualified mechanical insulators
  • Build staff capacity through education and training

Utility companies:

  • Put rebate programs in place for properly insulated, energy-efficient buildings

Education and Capacity Building:

  • Promote education and training about mechanical insulation in local governments, professional associations and industry
  • Create and distribute education materials, bulletins and guidelines
  • Develop programs to support the training and qualification of inspectors

For more details about our campaign, read our White Paper.

Or check out the Mechanical Insulation Guide and Specification for BC