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The Green Chamber of Commerce BC is happy to welcome 3 new member

The Green Chamber of Commerce BC is happy to welcome 3 new members on board our Steering Committee:  News Letter

Amir Tehrani, P. Eng, LEED AP, Partner at BC Comfort

Cher Hanusiak, Blogger/Owner ofEcoBravo

Lyndon Johnson, Quality Control Control Advisor,BC Insulators Heat & Frost Insulators local 118

BC Insulators are Kicking off at BuildEx Vancouver

As you all know we have been tirelessly working on having mechanical insulation the talk of the town. So this Year we are kicking off at BuildEx Vancouver were we will engage those in attendance on the need for mechanical insulation and the inspection of the installation process that will see consumers receive value for money spent. Come and join us

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Ontario Insulators go to FCM

February 13-15, 2013
Caesars Windsor, Windsor Essex, ON

The Ontario Insulators will be kicking off their campaign to promote the benefits of mechanical insulation to hundreds of cities and communities across Canada and are leading the charge towards local sustainability and the shift to a green economy.

Be part of this exciting forum for municipal sustainability champions. Attend the 2013 Sustainable Communities Conference (SCC) and Trade Show hosted by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

3e Plus Updates to 4.1

We wanted to let you know that a free update is now available online for the 3E Plus Insulation Thickness Computer Program.

The new build has the following features:

* The program will now perform calculation on fixed insulation thicknesses greater than 10”

* Fixed a bug which added duplicates of custom insulation and jacketing materials when closing and reopening the program

* Fixed a bug where when opening jobs saved in SI mode the program reverted to IP units

* Fixed a bug where the program was changing pipe and tube sizes after performing calculations on ½” NPS and ¼” CTS materials

* Fixed other minor bugs

Thank you for your continued interest in 3E Plus.

the link for the download page is: Here

3E Plus User Guide  Download Here