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PEMBINA Institute Meeting

We met recently with Josha MacNab of the PEMBINA Institute and spoke about the work they are undertaking here in British Columbia, and how mechanical insulation can play a roll in getting government to embrace the Idea of Building Labeling. You may ask what is Building Labeling?.

Building Labeling is a way of applying an energy efficiency label to a building at the point of sale, even when renting a home or business location. This will ensure the best sustainable bang for your buck. The Pembina Institute believes this is a way of developing a culture of energy efficiency labels to buildings, similar to that of appliances of cars, and is already standard practice in several jurisdictions in the US and Europe.

Mechanical insulation are the nuts and bolts of building construction and are often overlooked. Josha believes that missing mechanical insulation and the poor construction practises could be playing a key roll in why green building designs are not meeting their energy efficiency goals.

We are looking forward to working with Josha MacNab and the PEMBINA Institute to ensure mechanical insulation is installed correctly, using best practises, up to date specifications and a third party inspection process.

Oregon Insulators

The Insulators in Oregon have been very active in promoting to government the need for best practises for mechanical insulation.

Stan C. Danielson Business Manager  of the IAHFAW Local 36 have played a key role in initiating COOL SCHOOLS program in Oregon, and are now awaiting government to release funds. Programs like Cool Schools will allow students in Oregon to have a comfortable environment wile saving on operational costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance is partnering up with the BC Insulators and the work they have done to advance the mechanical insulation industry. Below is some information on the AEEA

The Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA) is made up of a diverse group of stakeholders from all sectors in Alberta. Established in 2007, the Alliance has established a core set of beliefs that inform both a shared vision for the future of Alberta, and a focused mission statement for the organization.




  1. Energy efficiency plays an important role in creating a sustainable Alberta, economically and environmentally.
  2. There are non-economic barriers to the adoption of economic energy efficiency technology and activities.
  3. There is a role for all orders of government, all businesses (commercial, institutional, retail, industrial, and utilities), non-profit organisations and individuals in maximizing the benefits of energy efficiency.
  4. By working together we all achieve more.



Alberta will become a world leader in energy efficiency, as it is a world leader in energy production.



Drive to maximize energy efficiency by being an inclusive and diverse forum for communication, collaborative problem solving, coordinated action and a common voice to enhance the economic and environmental success of Alberta.

Success in Portland Living Futures

When the BC Insulators presented Mechanical Insulation solutions at this years Living Futures, it was well received by those in attendance. Standing along side the BC Insulators was Steve Clayman of TIAC, Thermal Insulation Association of Canada, and Local 36 Business Manager Stan C. Danielson, and  Business Agent Alan Davis. Local 36

Our industry is small in comparison to many others and yet our impact on the dollar for dollar is in the upper percentile. it is time for mechanical insulation—our Industry—to have an active seat at the table.

Ron King