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Greenbuild San Francisco 2012

The BC Insulators will be at Greenbuild 2012

Greenbuild features the world’s largest expo hall devoted to green building, and the stage is set for one of the largest yet, in San Francisco this November.

Mechanical Insulation: Value Proposition for the Development Industry

Recently the UDI Building Code Advisory Committee met with BC’s mechanical insulation union and consultants HB Lanarc Golder, who presented on Mechanical Insulation issues and opportunities in BC. A 2-page summary of these issues and opportunities has been provided in the attached document below.

2 Page Summary on Mechanical Insulation

Living Future 2012 in Portland

The BC Insulators will be in Portland with TIAC Thermal Insulation Association of Canada at Living Future 2012, they have invite, the green building movement’s leading thinkers and practitioners, to take a moment and consider how you can inspire girls to become tomorrow’s leaders of our built environment. Your support, your voice, your action and your awareness.

Building and Safety Standards Branch

Building and Safety Standards Branch
The Office of Housing and Construction Standards

We would like your feedback. Based on previous consultations and recommendations, we have developed a set of proposals that work together to support Provincial leadership in a modern, effective building regulatory system. The attached two white papers describe the proposals in more detail.

We invite you to visit our website at, where you will find a survey that asks for your feedback on the proposals. The website will also host the two white papers and an electronic version of a presentation on the proposals.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at, or at 250-387-3133. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Certification of Local Govt Building Officials – FINAL
Modern Building Regulatory System White Paper – FINAL

Green Jobs BC Forum

At the forum, nearly 100 people, from the labour and environmental movements, academics, government, and business leaders, gathered together to talk about the details of retrofits and to imagine a GreenJobs Plan for BC. It’s been great to read the enthusiastic and constructive feedback that they provided. Here’s a sample:

“I Liked hearing from the experts who are doing great projects.”
“Wanted a bit more on the urgency of climate change we face. More on political action plan.”
“Need concrete discussion on policy.”

Fortunately, there were policy-people in each room taking notes. These notes will go to our Policy Working Group, a wise collection of labour and e-ngo leaders who are putting together a GreenJobs Policy Plan, which will be ready in the lead up to BC’s next provincial election. You will have an opportunity to help shape this at the conference.

And a request: If you have suggestions of workshops and speakers for the conference, we’d love to hear them. If you have suggestions of people who should be in the room that weekend, we’d love for you to forward the info along, or have them join our mailing list.

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