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Victoria City Council

Victoria City Council,

BC Insulators are continuing to bring their message to city council’s about the need for improvements to practices and standards for mechanical insulation. We highlighted to Victoria’s City Council last night our recommended changes to the BC building code to ensure the proper, consistent and improved application of mechanical insulation, and requested council’s support in advocating for a procurement policy that would allow for third-party inspections.

School District 41 Meeting

On July 15th Neil Munro, Quality Control Advisor met with Phil Shepherd, Director of Facilities Services for Burnaby School District 41. Discussed were the mechanical insulation deficiencies uncovered by our review of the School Districts’ projects at University Highlands Elementary and Burnaby Central High Schools. Our review uncovered various deficiencies to the BCICA specification and LEED criteria. The School District is following up on our review and is appreciative of our efforts and the information received. We all share the goal of ensuring that Burnaby and School District 41 receive value for money spent on these important projects.

Seminar for APEGBC members

HB Lanarc and the BC Insulators are in the process of developing a outline for a seminar for APEGBC members scheduled for the fall of 2011 and would likely qualify for CPD credits for members.This session will be of interest to mechanical engineers and others involved in building energy systems, and those interested in energy conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Presenters will review and discuss the results of the study conducted in 2010 that examined mechanical insulation (insulation applied to pipes, ducts and mechanical equipment) issues in BC and the impacts on energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs and other issues.

New Standard for Mechanical Insulation

New Standard for Mechanical Insulation

The BC Insulators, supported by the Pipes Need Jackets Too paper, has identified the need for a comprehensive and up to date set of standards for design and installation of mechanical insulation systems in BC. These standards would help to work toward an ultimate goal of having every section of pipe and duct in the Province of BC insulated correctly.

Pitt Meadows City Hall

The BC Insulators along with Rob Beveridge from Tara Insulation addressed City council last night. City of Pitt Meadows Green Leadership Team are on their way to building a sustainable community with a new community facility, which is a LEED certified building.
Pitt Meadows City council received the presentation well, and recommended staff reviewed the white paper, (Pipes Need Jackets Too) and come back to council with recommendations.

Success in North Vancouver

Success in North Vancouver
The City of North Vancouver at its regular meeting of Monday June 13 unanimously endorsed the following resolution